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How To Run Your Own Theatre Management Company

A theatre manager, commonly known as a principal manager, director, or planning theatre, is basically the head of a theatre group. They typically also have the duties of an artistic coordinator but most often manage all financial, administrative, creative, and production functions of the theatre. In addition to their managerial duties, theatre managers are responsible for finding a suitable theatre promoter as well as working with artists and their agents. For example, a manager may also be involved in the selection of the musicals for the theatre, the opening and closing of the theatre, as well as other promotional tasks.

If you want to be a theatre manager, you must first complete a degree at an accredited college of theatre or drama. Many aspiring theatre managers go on to train as theatre assistants before completing a degree and obtaining their original theatre management job. Other professionals who pursue theatre management jobs do not attend college and thus are able to gain theatre management jobs through on-the-job training or by volunteering. Some theatre specialists even take on second jobs such as being a teacher or a coach to supplement their salaries while studying theatre. However, there are several individuals who have decided to open their own theatre management company.

When starting a theatre management company, you will need to find a partner or two to join up with, especially if you are going to be hiring professionals such as theatre coordinators and general managers. If you can manage to convince a few investors to invest in your company, you will be in good shape to open up for business in your town or local area. When opening a theatre management company, you should keep in mind that this will be your first major project as a manager so you should try to make it a success from the very start. By having an established company, you will have an edge on other theatre companies because of the credibility you already have. This is particularly helpful in securing funding for your new venture.

To succeed in running your own theatre management company, you must first choose the type of company you want to establish. After deciding on the type of company that you would like to create, you should then search for qualified theatre directors and theatre managers who are willing to take up jobs with you. The theatre managers and directors you have in mind should have experience in running theatres of different sizes, from one to five thousand seats. They must also be experienced in planning the overall lighting, sound, costumes, and set design of a theatre production. They should also be willing to handle various roles such as negotiating with the actors and musicians, scheduling auditions, and directing theatre shows.

Once you have succeeded in hiring suitable theatre directors and theatre managers, you should hold periodic workshops to help them better understand the operations of running a theatre. During these workshops, the theatre manager and the director should work together to plan the overall look of the theatre. If you have hired a small theatre company, these workshops can help you to identify which parts of your theatre can be closed off and what sections of the theatre can be expanded. The workshop can also help the theatre managers and directors understand the budgeting process, which requires them to make informed decisions regarding which productions can go ahead and which can be cancelled or postponed.

Another useful technique that you can use to run your own theatre management company is to work out the marketing strategy that you will employ once your theatre company has been established. A theatre manager can plan an effective marketing campaign by drawing up a business plan that includes all the stages of the theatre’s development. The business plan will serve as the guiding principle for all other theatre management decisions, including choosing the theatre theme and choosing the name of your theatre company. A good theatre management company will work in partnership with an experienced marketing consultant to implement this successful marketing strategy.

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